Friday, November 21, 2008

Photos from Germany

I'll try not to go nuts with the photos (vacations are never as interesting to those who aren't on them, ha ha), but here are a few from Germany...

First stop, the Autobahn. Hang onto your hat because that guy passing you may be doing 30 or 40 mph faster than you are! Next we had to learn how to read German road signs. This sign tells us to bring down the speed to 100 kilometers per hour or less (62 mph). There are no advertisement signs on the Autobahn to distract drivers.

Welcome to downtown Schweinfurt, Germany. Bryan's Army base is on the outskirts of town. These are photos of the main square with the Rathaus (city hall). There are several squares and many, many stores, bakeries, Apothoke (drug stores). There is an amazing Italian restaurant in the basement of this city hall through a side entrance. In the middle of the week this square had a farmer's market.

Parts of the original kingdom wall still remain and have been restored...

We were surprised to find very few homes on hillsides between towns. Almost all homes are located in small towns like the one below. Even farm homes are located near towns, and each town has its own local bakeries and necessary stores. Schweinfurt is the City of Pigs and there are humorous pig statues all over town. Note the one outside McDonalds...

Bill liked this pig who seemed to be talking out the side of his mouth.

Nearly every home and apartment had lovely lace curtains like this one...

We visited Wurzburg one day and parked at the Residence which is three times larger than the photo shows. It is now part of a University and is also a museum.

Town squares are vibrant and charming, and this town had a wonderful tram system for public transportation. Across the river on a hill above the city is a beautiful fort which offers tours (but not in November).

This post is long enough. One more is coming up with Germany photos, then you're off the hook, haha. Stay tuned for some amazing info. on Germany's Earth-friendly policies and procedures too.


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