Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Jacksonville QuiltFest Show

We were first-time vendors at the Jacksonville QuiltFest Show this weekend.  It was the best quilt show I had seen in quite a while.  The quilts were of high quality with fine workmanship and there was a nice variety of quilt styles--traditional, modern, fiber art and miniature.

These were my favorites:

(The artist's name and quilt information is with each set of photos)

 This quilt was outstanding and it was my overall favorite of the show.  This piece did not win a ribbon, but a similar quilt by the same artist (shown at the bottom of this page) won a ribbon.

The owl wall hanging below was Bill's favorite piece and I loved it too.  The wings had, I believe, actual owl feathers.  Wonderful!

Patricia Styring's smaller quilt, below,  won a ribbon.  Her style is quite appealing and her quilts give the viewer plenty of eye candy to discover.

 Other favorites...