Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Binding Application Trick

Dear walking-foot creators:

Please design a walking foot that has a 1/4" mark or edge for quilters. Problem: There is no marking that allows us to sew a straight 1/4" line when applying our bindings...and I want the judge to avoid criticizing this binding.

Since this will take a while to implement, I decided to design my own solution to the binding edge problem. I used a sliver of soap and marked my binding, measuring from the folded edge, 3/4" all the way down the length of the binding. That gave me a perfect 1/4" line to follow down the edge of the quilt!

The corners of this quilt binding were so easy to to fold!

Monday, August 29, 2011

TAP on Art Labels

Today I used TAP, Transfer Artist's Paper, to print and then transfer images and wording to would-be labels for my quilts.

It was a rough start as you can see from the sheet on the left, but it printed out correctly on the second try: (yes, I printed on paper first but still messed up)

With this type of transfer, the printing must be mirrored. Next, I transferred the print and image to a piece of fabric for my label...

I decided that, since I can easily hand stitch an applique circle, I would make the label in the shape of a circle for easy application. How many times have you made a square or rectangular label that was difficult to apply because of the corners? Yeah, me too. Had enough of that.

I have a 6" circle made of template plastic already, so I placed the plastic piece over the label fabric. It was then easy to mark a 1/4" circle around the 6" finished center for a seam allowance.

I cut out the circle on the marker line...

I'll use the needle-turn applique method to apply the label to the back of the quilt, so next I cut out a 6" circle of freezer paper. I pressed the waxy side of the freezer to the back of the circular label, making sure that it was centered.

When this label is attached to the quilt, I'll post another photo (that should be soon). Voila!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparation for Fall Shows

This week we started preparations for our upcoming Fall shows as vendors. The first show will be in Marietta, GA (metro Atlanta), Georgia Celebrates Quilts, with the East Cobb Quilt Guild. For the rest of the Fall calendar, you can click here.

Bill made these wonderful wall stands to hold fabric. Judy Simmons gave us the directions and information on how to make them.

They're perfect for showing plenty of fabric without taking much room in the 10' x 12' booth. Thanks Judy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silk Papermaking

I'm quite an amateur at it, but this week I'm doing my best to make silk paper. I've got directions for three or four different methods and I think I found the one I like best. Here are some results:

The piece above is made with silk roving and Angelina fibers.

This piece is made with ginkgo leaves. I actually planted the tree so that I could use its lovely leaves for my artwork.

This last piece is made with some dried rose petals from a bouquet my sons gave me last year.

The paper is not as uniform as I'd like, and it would be nice to have some color, so the next time I'll dye the silk first.

The next plan with this technique is to make silk paper fish and assorted sea life to apply to this piece:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Anything Fiber

Over the last month I've been preparing for the Anything Fiber Sale and Swap in Black Mountain, NC. It's a yard sale with arts and art supplies, and I am one with too much "stuff" in her stash, so I'll have a selling booth.

Here's a list of some of the items I'll have for sale: fiber art books, fabric (including hand dyed fabric), notions, needles & pins, free stuff, buttons, pincushions, yarn, wool roving, knitting notions and much more.

I was working on the buttons this week...

These two are my gems (not for sale, though), by Coco Chanel.

Come and join us!