Friday, August 5, 2011

High Gear

Continuing on my new path of anti-procrastination, I checked off a bunch of list items today! The bulletin board is now cleared of old, useless paperwork and is ready to really use.
I started collecting citrus-mint leaves and drying them for winter tea. This jar should be full by autumn...

I've been reading The Artist's Way and having "artist dates"--yesterday I went to Harbor Freight to see what I could use for my art. They had some wonderful clamps for fabric dyeing and some "carpet" blades which are the same as rotary cutting blades for quilters...

Two blades for $1.49. Not bad at all.

Today I found some scrapbook items that I'll use for deconstructed screen printing...

Next week Mary Ann and I will give a demonstration on this topic for the Fiber Frenzy group, so today we're preparing our screens.

A stop at Goodwill yielded these wonderful storage boxes, a set of four for $2.50! Just in time to organize the notions drawer.

Have you been in a summertime slump too? Let me know what you've been accomplishing in this hot weather.


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