Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On a Roll

Here are a few more of the items that I've finished this week...

Frances and Deb gave each of the quilt show chairwomen a wall quilt as a thank you gift following our quilt show. Mine has been on my design wall, on the dining room table, on the sewing table, etc. for months and this week I finally put a sleeve on it to hang in the "purple" bathroom where it fits perfectly.

I also blocked a quilt that will be in the Asheville Quilt Show in Sept./Oct. Here's a little corner of it...

Marybeth Thomas Tawfik quilted it, and the quilting is beautiful! Can't wait to show it off. Marybeth is also working on a quilt top that we are entering as a group into the show.

Besides fiber related projects, I am also working on organizing my studio. This bookcase stood on end and always seemed to be in the way, so recently I set it horizontally under the windows where it is out of the way but can still house all of my class-teaching binders.

Since this window faces southeast, it will be the perfect spot to place winter herb pots.

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Julie Bagamary said...

Great "thank You" gift, and use of book shelf.