Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bryan's Potholders

This week I finished making these potholders for my younger son, Bryan. He just moved to Alaska this year to attend the University of Alaska on the GI Bill. It's a new opportunity to make homey items for him.

Just got word that my older son, Darrell may be moving soon to a whole new part of the country--I've got ideas for items to make for his new place too!

After the binding is applied, I extend it past one corner and press for a hanging loop.

I make the loop and tack it down well and then apply Fray Check to the end.

On the back of each potholder I stamped my new hallmark, AH. In Asia they call the hallmark stamp a "chop" and it is usually very small and stamped in red.

Here's the finished set...a little bit of sunshine for the dark days of an Alaskan winter.

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Robbie said...

Wow..nice potholders! I hate to get BBQ sauce all over them!!