Monday, November 17, 2008


Today we're leaving Schweinfurt, Germany after a wonderful 9-day visit with our son who is in the Army. We'll take a train to Frankfurt today and fly out tomorrow morning.

For three days we were in Munich, but we really needed three weeks to see it all. We were able to watch the Glockenspeil, the huge cookoo clock (spellcheck won't work here) at the Munich city hall, at the 11:00 hour and its ten minute show. The age-old clock depicts the festivities on the wedding day of the Bavarian King. Wonderful!

We stayed at a wonderful, mid-priced hotel called the Jedderman. It was right on the tram line for easy access to the downtown square. I've been to many large cities in the U.S. but have never seen a city with so many stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. We went to the BMW Welt (BMW World museum) which is right next door to the Olympic park. I'll post photos of these when I get home. We enjoyed the many historical churches and buildings, and were in awe over the Residence (that's the English spelling) which is blocks and blocks long. Munich is also a college town and we met several students including one from Toronto.

There was a political demonstration at the main square in Munich (which I won't discuss here) on Saturday so the police were out in force with their riot gear. We saw no disturbances. Actually, the city felt very safe.

Well, the boys are waiting to go into town for our last harrah. TTYL

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,

Glad to hear that you have had a great trip. Ours was fun too...we will have to compare notes soon!!!

Just caught up on your blog...cant wait to see the felt balls.