Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's lucky I've posted a lot because we're in Germany and as I'm updating (on a computer on the Ledward Army Base in Schweinfurt), the words on blogspot are in German!

We're having a great time. Germany is lovely and it feels very "safe" in each of the cities we've visited. We've enjoyed Schweinfurt (which is the Bavaria section of Germany) and its lovely downtown area. The bakeries are expanding my waistline, so luckily we are walking quite a bit.

Yesterday we visited Wursburg (sp?), pronounced Versberg, which is loaded with history, amazing architecture, art, bakeries, bakeries, bakeries, chocolate, wonderful shopping and more. Today we'll be in Schweinfurt for most of the day to prepare for our three-day trip to Munich. We have heard that Munich is the most expensive city in Europe. Humm. We'll see.

What we've seen of Germany is very different from the US in that homes are in small towns only, not spread out across the countryside. The countryside is farmland here in Bavaria with few/none of the farm animals we are accustomed to. We've only seen 8 horses since we've been here and we have probably seen 100 km of farmland.

The food is wonderful, the people are charming, and the Autobon (sp?) is scarey because of the high-speed lane. We try to stick to backroads with our rental car, haha.

Well, Bill's waiting for me in the cafe...more tea, more patries today, so there will have to be more walking. More later...


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