Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sugar Bee

Our 2nd and 4th Monday quilting bee is still looking for a name, but I call it the Sugar Bee because my friend Bobbie invited me into the bee. Bobbie is famous for her lovely personality and for calling everyone Sugar (shugah in her Georgia accent).

Anyway the Sugar Bee met yesterday at Amanda's quilting barn. Here are a couple of the pieces the ladies were working on...

This is Judy C.'s quilt which was made using only ONE fabric! Isn't it beautiful? Even the yellow border came from that one fabric. She got the pattern from the book One-Derful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols.

Dottie and Lois were hovering over this piece all morning. It is Dottie's piece and Lois was helping her to choose new items to add to it. Lovely!

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Tess said...

These quilts are awesome. I was astonished to read that first one is from one fabric. And I love the hankerchief piecing of that second one. Beautiful!