Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ah, Finally!

At last I was able to do some dyeing last night and this morning...the first studio work since foot surgery. I had some dyes in the fridge that were weeks old but needed to be used, so I attacked my "undesirables" fabric box for some over-dyeing.

This box holds fabrics that I don't like, colors that I don't use, and leftovers from assorted projects that I want to over-dye. It has become quite a heap!

The greens were part of last night's batch...

...and the purples and browns were dyed this morning. Now I'm pooped, but it was worth it!

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Martha Lever said...

Hi Anita!! I just saved your site to my blog list that I follow. I am so new at sewing and wouldn't have a clue how to make a quilt but yours are SO lovely. I love it how the strips are cut at different sized but they come together in a square for the quilt.

Thanks for your comments on my blog today!! It's nice when someone sees the positive and (as usual) I see the negative!!