Friday, July 17, 2009


Another post with OPP's (other people's projects). I'll have one soon with my own work, but for now post-surgery pain still interferes with my normally clear head.

The Cotton Patch Quilt Guild had it's monthly meeting on Tuesday where my friend Frances Arnold displayed her beautiful sunflower quilt. I believe it's called Sunflowers in Rust.

It's even more beautiful in person. Here's a close-up...

Frances went over the quilting of the flowers and leaves several times and did some trapunto which give the piece a 3-D look. I'm happy to say that my husband Bill did the rust-dyeing on this fabric, which looked beautiful to start, but Frances truly brought it to life.
Suzanne R. made this contemporary circle quilt following a class I taught, but she has gone a step or two further in background design and layout. The fabrics come from an authentic African skirt and some pieces that Suzanne painted or dyed herself.

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