Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heads Up

Okay, this post is not in the realm of fiber arts, but it may be important for some of you.

We have a very good friend in the car industry who knows we have been looking for a larger vehicle and plan to buy later this year. This week he told my husband that the auto industry is "bleeding" like he has never seen it before and that right now (and maybe not for more than a few weeks) all car dealers are trying to "move" inventory, with or without profit, to help their market.

Here's our first-hand proof of his suggestion:

Last year we went to Honda to look at the base model CRV's. They offered us $7,000 for our 2-year-old well-equipped Toyota and $500 off the sticker price on the car.

Yesterday we went back to Honda, with Kelley Blue book value in hand (, type in your car's information and print off the trade-in value) and this was the offer we got:
$9,500 for our 3-year old Toyota, which is the exact trade-in value from Kelley Blue Book, and $2,000 off the sticker price of the BASE model Honda!

If you have ever bought a new Honda before (we have owned 6) then you know that they never offer full value for a trade-in and never offer that much of a discount on a base model.

Hint: If you need a new car, now is the time to buy...but be prepared and know your prices with KBB value in hand.

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