Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Painting Fun

This afternoon I was preparing for a demo I'll teach at the Asheville Quilt Guild Show on Saturday, August 8 at 1:00. The quilt show runs all weekend and our Fiber Arts Alliance group has volunteered to be in charge of demos during the show. Join us!

My demo is about changing fabrics to suit our needs, especially black and white fabrics.

I used watered-down ProFab textile paint to paint over the dry black & white fabric to the left. The white & purple piece in the center was wet first to allow the paint to spread.

These pieces were all painted very easily to change their look.

These were the diluted paint pieces, some dipped and some painted on.

This was my favorite piece of the day, and it was the only one I hadn't planned to do. This highly diluted Lumiere paint was dropped from a fine tipped bottle in an unplanned pattern of drops. As the drops spread, the luminescent pieces in the paint stayed in the center and the paint spread in a ring around it. For this color, I used a combination of small amounts of Lumiere #571 Pearl Turquoise and #556 Halo Blue-Gold and enough water to make it very thin (like a wash). The resulting color is a perfect match to a lovely Surf & Sand fabric by Michele D'Amore!

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