Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Direct Dye Practice

This week I played a little with direct dye; the application of dye with the fixative added so that the dye sets immediately to the fabric. This time I used dry fabric, foam stamps, and a foam brush to apply the dye to the stamps.

Dry fabric gives the stamp image crisp edges. This is the finished piece just before dyeing it again. And next is the piece (still wet) after over-dyeing with sage colored dye.

Would you have guessed that the yellow would remain when over-dyed? It was a surprise to me!

Here's one of my practice machine quilting pieces. The stitches are becoming more regular, finally. I love the pussy willow design at the top of the piece, and above that is a small sample of using Fabrico Markers to fill in color after quilting.

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