Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's to Agnes

My wonderful friend Agnes A. from the Pensacola Quilters Guild taught me (and many other lucky guild members) how to make string pieced blocks. I no longer live near Pensacola, but Agnes is often on my mind as string piecing has taken over much of my creative thinking when it comes to quilts.

This small Chinese Coin quilt, which you have seen in progress in previous blogs, is a reproduction of Agnes' miniature Chinese Coin quilts. I've seen other Chinese Coin quilts made with strings, but these miniatures are a thing of beauty. Mine is currently 12" x 12 1/2", but I may trim it down before sandwiching and quilting it. There seems to be a little too much border right now. It also will need some metallic thread quilting because the black batik's mottled look is not distinct enough and looks more like a flat black. Maybe I'll add some beads or something new to this little quilt...miniature fused applique? Humm. We'll see.
Here's the continuation of my string blocks. I now have 24 blocks and will add at least 12 more , maybe 24 more, before the top is the way I want it to be. Each block is 3 1/2" and will finish to a little less than 3". I think this will make a fine wall hanging for a long and narrow wall.
Another blog, which is a quick tutorial on mitered borders, is on the way.

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