Sunday, September 28, 2008


Recently I stumbled upon a wonderful blog with colorful photos and wool felting ideas. The address is . Betz has written a book on felting and has wonderful free tutorials on her blog.

Here is my first wool pincushion made from two felted sweaters (well, 1-1/2" strips from the felted sweaters). Isn't it adorable? I followed Betz's directions for felting the sweaters and used some of her jellyroll pincushion directions plus some of my own ideas. Here are the Clover tools which can be found at Hobby Lobby and other arts/crafts outlets. Be sure to keep your fingers away from the needle ends, and lock your tool when not in use.

  1. I cut 1-1/2" strips from my felted sweaters and then laid them across my felting brush, one on top of the other, and needle felted them together so that they would not move as I rolled them. For some reason, I couldn't felt the red "into" the cream, but the cream felted fine into the red (cream on top). Humm.

  2. With a needle and thread ready to secure the rolled pieces, I tightly rolled the two together with the red on the "outside" (underside when rolling).

  3. When the two became one jellyroll piece, I trimmed the white raw edge by about 1/8", sewed the red raw edge to the body of the jellyroll, and stitched several times through the body of the newly formed pincushion.

  4. Finally, I needle felted the top and bottom a little so that they wouldn't separate with use.

Voila! Easy and fun.

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