Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hand Dyes are Heaven

Last week Bill made a wonderful display piece which I'll use when I have a booth or area in which to sell my work. It's on a small hill in our yard in the photo, so it looks tilted here. The bottom of the stand is the base of a tall fan. The top is PVC pipe into which he drilled holes for dowels. The fabric is pinned on with clothespins, and it can hold 24 lengths of fabric or more. Isn't it beautiful?
Bill has another idea brewing...he'll use a small white night stand, which is currently unused and in our garage and will add a T-pipe to the back which can hold fabrics like the one above but on a smaller scale. The night stand has a drawer for small items and a flat area for a basket or two. Voila! a compact art/craft display. That's my man!

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