Monday, September 22, 2008


It was a busy weekend at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens, GA. On Saturday morning the LH had its Gypsy Artist's Market on the lawn, and in the afternoon we demonstrated quiltmaking at the Art Expo. Each group who meets at the LH was asked to supply members who would demonstrate their art.

Mary (left) hand beaded a piece and marked a quilt for demo. She also brought her beautiful hand-quilted and appliqued quilt which received a lot of attention.

Diane (center) worked on a new tote bag project which had a beautiful Lumiere painted front.

Terri (right) sold her colorful tie-dyed t-shirts, showed her beaded art piece and hand appliqued a block.

We were so busy talking and enjoying the afternoon as visitors browsed and watched that I nearly forgot about my camera! Bill made a wonderful display rack for my hand-dyed fabrics--it looked like a rainbow clothesline...and I forgot to take a photo of it! Oy. I'll have to put it together again this week for a photo op. It's just too beautiful to ignore.

That's my display board, in the far left-hand corner of the photo, with the projects I demonstrated. The Quilt Guild's quilt assembly display is on the countertop. Fun was had by all!

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