Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Week

Okay, yes, I am working on some creative projects, but at this point it's all about scouring 500 yards of fabric to prepare it for dyeing. The process is not picture worthy, so I'll share some photos from our holiday week in Largo, FL.

Ah, we're in Florida...Spanish moss and palmetto plants (not pictured) mark the crossing into the state.

...and of course the palm trees.

This scene is in Clearwater, FL along the waterfront. Check out this fabulous tree in the background.

Sadly, I have not one photo of friends to share. It's easy to forget the camera when the company is good.

Here's a photo of a visiting egret looking for lunch in the form of lizards in the bushes.

It's difficult to get into the holiday spirit in Florida because it feels like summertime (I grew up in New England), but in the evenings the neighborhoods were full of twinkle lights and holiday spirit.

The sunset on the drive home was outstanding. These were taken as we drove...after 10 hours of driving we didn't want to stop even for photos.

On to the new year!

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Vicki W said...

It may not be Christmassy but it's still very pretty!