Monday, December 21, 2009

Back in the Game

It has been a wonderful week without crutches. The AJ quilt continues to grow as I am working on the last, really, the last 9 blocks. Amanda Whitsel will baste it for me on her long arm machine and then I'll start quilting on it, hopefully in January.

We've been thoroughly enjoying our evenings this season. I've hemmed pants, beaded on fabric, roasted marshmallows and cut fabric while enjoying the warmth of the fire. Ah, what could be better than a cold evening with your Honey by the fire?

On Friday, 500 meters of fabric arrived at our door in preparation for our Pensacola Quilt Show vendor booth in February 2010. We had planned to have 5 or 6 months to dye fabric for it, but now, following my broken hip and repair surgery, we have 2 1/2 months. Huh. We're about to get quite busy!

I've already scoured 100 meters (109 yards) of fabric in the last 3 days...

These are half-yard pieces so far.

My plan is to have a photo of the completed blocks for the AJ quilt by tomorrow. Before sewing them together, I'll rearrange and photograph the blocks for my new slide presentation for my String Quilt Block class and program. Yes, you heard it here...I'm leaving the comfort of my flip chart for the digital fun of slide presentations! Please wish me luck.


Fulvia said...

Such a pretty picture, Anita; glad to hear you truly are on the mend. Where did you get all that fabric from? Merry Christmas.

Anita said...

I order my dyeing fabric from I like the 400M for hand and machine work, but the 419 line is wonderful, just a little too tightly woven for handwork.

Meg said...

Anita, I can handneedle the 419 easily with the Foxglove Cottage (Jeanna Kimball) #11 straws. Of course, you need super magnifiers to thread them! LOL So sorry to hear your physical problems have increased rather than decreased since the foot surgery. I expect you are about ready to find a new hobby! One not involving crutches or any other form of adaptive device! All best.