Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vendor Booth Prep for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is set-up day for vendor booths at the Cotton Patch Quilt Show, and we have been hard at work for weeks preparing for it. Bill has been very busy making racks and stands for merchandise. Ours is mainly a Hand-Dyed Fabric booth, but we will have several other items for sale: greeting cards, postcards, ruler racks and felted wool pincushions. Here's what the house looks like this afternoon...

This ruler rack will be hanging on the wall above the stand.

These quilt tops will hang on the booth wall; each of them uses a mixture of commercial and hand-dyed fabrics.

The pincusions have been drying in the studio, but these are ready to go...

The multi-colored yardage is so beautiful that I hate to fold it up. I'll find a place to hang it on the hanging racks.

We found this wonderful rolling stand (left) at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Bill painted it up to match the other booth components and now it will serve as our check-out stand. The basket on the right has a huge assortment of scraps for 75 cents each.

This rack was a nightstand, but Bill altered it by attaching a pole and "tree" on top (not shown) which will display quarter-yards of fabric. The fabric will hang down over the nightstand and will make viewing much easier. The drawer and baskets will hold fat quarters and pincushions. If you've never seen some of my display racks, here's an unfinished one from months ago. Bill has recently painted this one and attached my booth sign to the top...

...and this is how all of the hanging racks will display fabric. Whew! We're almost ready. Wish us luck!


Julie Bagamary said...

Impressive. I hope you have a wonderful time.

chrissybugs said...

Hi Anita,
Met you today at the quilt show and your both looked very artist/professional.

I got real excited when I saw that you were going to teach a paint stik class in Greensboro then saw it was last year. I'll keep watching for when you are going to teach a class nearby.

Christine (from Massachusetts)

Anita said...

Christine, thanks for visiting my vendor booth. It's time to update my website, obviously. Please check back in again. Do you have a blog?