Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday I taught a new lecture/class at the local quilt shop called Green Ideas for the Studio. It's an information-intense lecture with a lot of samples which focuses on these principles of green living: reduce, re-use, re-purpose, repair, maintain, preserve and recycle.
The information ranges from basic tool and machine maintenance, to reasons for shopping locally, plus some information on putting every size of scrap from our quilting studios to good use. The ladies who came to the lecture seemed to enjoy it.
Today I again have a heap of class samples in the dining room...

...and I'm hoping to reduce this pile by mid-day today.

It has been weeks since I've had time to work on an actual sewing project, so you know that I'm more than ready to sew. I'll be finishing some quilt tops and sandwiching my black and blue circle quilt in anticipation of entering it into a show.

Bill has been busy in the rust-dyeing corner of the garage and created these two pieces this week...

Part of the anticipation about sewing has to do with using these beautiful pieces in a wall hanging. I've had my eye on some rusty architectural features around town that may look beautiful in a photo transfer/rust dye piece. Believe it or not, there's a covered wagon in town that I think would look beautiful with rusted fabric. Stay tuned.

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