Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Georgia Quilting

Second try on this blog entry...Let's see if I can post with photos.

The Georgia Quilt Council met on Saturday for its Spring Convention and we had some wonderful speakers: Jan Krentz, national teacher, Anne Anderberg, Georgia's gem, and Douglas Mabry who gave us a report on the progress toward a first-ever Georgia quilt museum.

The museum will be called The Southeast Textile and Quilt Museum. Mr. Mabry has done extensive research into the location and naming of the museum and gave us plenty of information about his findings. More on this as it develops.

Jan Krentz brought her beautiful quilts for a trunk show and talk on her progression as a quilter. You'll recognize her diamond lilly pad quilt which was used for the front cover of one of her books.

Anne Anderberg also gave us a trunk show of her beautifully detailed quilts. I love Asian circle quilts, and especially this family crest quilt.

This is another of Anne's quilts with amazing detail.

I don't want to push it with the blog today after having a hard time with it for days. TTYL

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