Monday, December 29, 2008

Quilt Design

Yahoo! I finally figured out how other bloggers create links without spelling them out! I've got a couple below, so check 'em out! I confess...I'm like a man who doesn't want to ask for directions and I've been dragging my feet about learning this blog tool. Thanks to one of my Quilting Arts Alliance friends I finally learned how to add a "signature" to my e-mails too. Oy.

Yesterday I worked out some of the details for a sample quilt for the Beginner Quiltmaking class I'm teaching at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens, GA in January and February. I've had the sketch for months but needed to calculate dimensions, etc. Today I'll start piecing it.
Note the highly technical tools and hand-held "computer" (that's what Bill calls the calculator). One of these days I'll jump into computer design...
I sewed the green circle quilt together from last week's blogs and will start making notes for the border. It's up on the design wall and I've already decided to make it a mitered border. The black & blue circle quilt is in the same stage and I have some ideas for that one too.
Here's a quilt I've been working on this week which is a sample for the Scrappy Batiks Brick Quilt class I'm teaching at the Dragonfly Quilt Shop in Watkinsville, GA in February. It's a wonderfully easy traditional quilt that's great for baby or scrap quilts. I've come up with some other variations too. I first saw this design years ago when my friend Barbara was making one at our weekly Pensacola Killer Bees meeting.

Happy 2009 to all!

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