Friday, December 5, 2008

Circle Quilt update

Here's where I am on the Circle Quilt which I started last month. I thought for sure that I'd have all nine of these 6" circles appliqued by now, but alas, I have four more to go.

I found a new way to secure these circles to the background as I needle-turn applique them to the background. FYI, there is a freezer paper circle pressed to the wrong side of these circles which helps me to keep the circle shape. Anyway, I found that if I will machine baste the circles in this way...

...they will remain secure and not shift as I hand stitch. This works much better than pins which don't actually prevent shifting. I also tried stitching in a circle about 3/4" in from the edge, but as I machine basted, the background gathered in an undesirable if you must baste in a circle, use your walking foot.
This little Honey came into our lives for a mere 24 hours as he wandered through the neighborhood and was rescued by my husband. Sadly he had no tags.
We posted signs and called Animal Control to let them know we had "Barney". Barney smelled like he had just come from the salon, had excellent manners and was a gigantic love bug, but his owners called this morning and he is home with them now. Come to find out, he did have a chip in his ear; his dog tag. His name was actually Barrett. He certainly liked my pile of fabric on the floor, and covered his face with his ear to shade the light.

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