Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ah, Gardening

It was so great to get into the garden yesterday for some evening weeding and seed planting.

First I weeded this garden, where there was already some garlic and cilantro planted in the Fall; then I planted some snow peas and onions.

Then I weeded out this garden and took most of the arugula out which had gone to seed. I left some of it so that I could collect seeds later. Scallions are growing on the right and there's more cilantro and green leaf lettuce. They have all been there since Fall, but have just started growing again. I cut down the green leaf lettuce which should give me one or two more cuttings for salads.

This bed was where most of the garlic grew all winter. As soon as the leaves are mostly brown in May, we'll harvest them and use the bed for some of our summer veggies. That new bed to the left is for, among other things, asparagus.

It's like heaven working in the garden again.

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