Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Machine Quilting Today

Today I have been working on some machine quilting. Mind you, I have been practicing machine quilting for a while, but for 6 months this year when I was on crutches the mid-arm machine sat unused.

Having said that, it has been a slow re-start for my machine quilting. The new "stitch regulator" (see yesterday's post) is working wonderfully well. I can put full pressure on the foot pedal of the machine and only have to worry about the speed of my hands as I machine quilt. From there the correct hand speed for nice, even stitches is easy to figure out...doesn't mean I sew the perfect stitch continually, but it's getting better. Here's what I'm working on this week...

...string-pieced attic windows. Unfortunately I used sateen fabric for the window pane and every time I have to take stitches out the old stitch holes remain (see the top center window below). Frustrating...this is the last time I will use sateen in a quilt.

I've made another discovery about machine quilting this week: I don't like to have to pull the bottom thread to the top of the work each time before sewing. To make it easier, I lift the quilt and find the lower thread. By holding both the top and bottom threads while making the first two stitches, I can commence quilting without creating a thread a nest under the quilt or breaking the thread. So much easier that stopping to bring the bottom thread to the surface each time I work on a window pane. Later, the threads are knotted and buried in the batting.


Julie Bagamary said...

OOOO love this piece and your hand dyes are great!

Deb H said...

It'a lovely Anita, but you're breaking my one & only rule! I always tell students to bring that bottom thread up to the top. Then you can take both threads together & bury them inside, using a large eyed needle, like a tapestry needle. All OTHER rules are meant to be stretched or broken;~D

Thanks for the kind words on my quilting. I've been practicing since 1995. I still have room for improvement, & the Longarm is a whole differnt beast! I never realized how different until I got mine.

Anita said...

Okay, Deb, you're definitely the expert. I'll try again to bring the thread to the top. ;)