Friday, November 20, 2009

Morning Finds

Not so grouchy today and I'm liking the crutches much more than the walker...and the sun is out, so all's well.

We drove around to some garage sales and Goodwill this morning for a little outing after over two weeks of hanging around the house. I found these high-quality men's shirts at Goodwill which I'll use as fabric in upcoming quilts...

This one will be perfect to use in a man's quilt...maybe for my younger son when he moves to Alaska in a year.

These two are gorgeous men's shirts; the left one is a beautiful purple fabric, and the other will be perfect in a black & gray quilt I'm planning.

I also found a fine, handmade wool Fair Isle sweater at Goodwill for $2.25! It's in perfect condition.

It feels so good to shop for quality items without spending a fortune.


Deb H said...

You Scored girl! I espescially like the wool sweater. If it felts in the wash you could have some fun with that! You do know the deer are only in southeast Alsaka right? Kodiak has little black tailed deer. Moose is the deer family member we see most, so you better find another shirt with moose too!

When I had my knee replaced last year, I refused to use a walker when the PT brought one for me. I had brought in my crutches from my previous knee scope, & used those from day #1. I have stairs in my house & knew the walker would be usuless.

You asked me about the embossing powder. I just use glue, like Alene's "It's OK to Wash It", or "Tacky Glue". 1.Brayer the glue on a piece of glass (like from an old picture frame). 2. Roll it out over a rubber stamp. 3.Stamp the fabric. 4.Pour the embossing powder on the stamped area. 5.Dump the excess powder on to a piece of parchment paper, to be poored bak into the jar. 6. Carefully heat with a heat gun, on low, moving constantly so you don't scorch your fabric. 7. POOF, your done! Noe secret! It's just regular old embossing powder, the same kind that scrap-bookers use. I'm always looking for ways to convert materials to embellishments for quilting. Maybe when your son is up, you can come vist & I'll do a class for you!

Martha Lever said...

Yep, nothing like a bargain!!!! I hope you will heal very quickly and will be walking at 100% sooner than expected.