Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beading Progress

Here's how I changed the current beading project since the last post...

I've moved the blue button that was in the way and beaded it into a swirl (top of the photo).

I like the way this turned out. More on this piece later.

Here's an update on the spill I took four weeks ago that hurt my hip and has kept me on a walker and cane for weeks. It turns out that the "bruise" that the emergency room said I had was a fractured hip. Makes one wonder why the ER couldn't figure that out, huh? So, I'm off to surgery in the morning to get some expensive new body jewelery...three new matching pins screwed into my hip bone. Fun.

For tonight, I'm enjoying my cheesecake brownie from Fibermania's recipe (Oct.22) and some yummy hot tea that I will not be able to drink in the morning. Worst part of surgery? I can't eat or have my tea! Pain is secondary.

I'll write again when I can...

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