Friday, June 19, 2009

String Quilt Block Workshop

Asheville, NC was wonderful as always, and the lecture and workshop at the Asheville Quilt Guild went well. If you are a quilter and and plan to visit western North Carolina, make that visit on the third week of the month so that you can enjoy a Tuesday AQG meeting. Better yet, if you're visiting in the summer, make it the first full weekend in August for the AQG annual quilt show.
Here are some photos from the String Quilt Blocks workshop...

This was the quietest workshop I ever put on. The ladies were hard at work right from the beginning and came up with some lovely blocks. This is a closer view of Fran's blocks...

These blocks are 8" square and can be used "as is" or cut into smaller squares, triangles, strips, or other shapes.
These are Sharon's blocks...

Can you see the tiny yellow string pieces that Sharon sewed into the blocks on the left? Click on the photo to get a closer look. My friend Ann would call these "tee-niney".

Ladies, you did a wonderful job!

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