Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High Tech

Three weeks from today I am scheduled to have the toes of my right foot reconstructed, which means that I'll have some recovery time when my foot will need to be elevated most of the time. Not a bad proposition, since I have plenty to catch up on...cleaning of drawers, transferring to a new address book, machine quilting several quilt tops (if I can master the machine pedal with my left foot), reading all the quilt books I've bought this year, and I may take an online college course on how to use Power Point.

Right now I'm using the Pencil Point presentation system...

with this high-tech flip chart, straight from the 1950's. Oh boy.

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Mary Stori said...

I use Mac's Keynote for all my lectures which is fabulous and easy.....Power Point is similar.....if you need help getting started, holler....I'd be glad to help.