Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pastel Layout

You saw these pastel blocks a few entries ago when I was preparing for the Stretching the String lecture. Before sewing them together I gave them a geometric layout for more interest. What do you think?

My reconstructive foot surgery is scheduled for first thing Monday morning. I've had two previous surgeries on the other foot which each had 10-12 month recovery times, so this 3-month recovery should be a piece of cake. As an added bonus, I'll have time to finish quilt tops, quilt them, work on making beaded necklaces and beading on fabric, clean out drawers and fine-tune my studio. Hopefully I'll even be able to find a Power Point class to take online, and I can review some of my class notes for Dreamweaver, a program for creating and updating websites. I'm actually looking forward to this break in my daily routine.

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