Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working on the Afghanistan photo quilt

Well, after a week of avoiding the quilt with "curved" piecing, I finally jumped in today. The curves were just a bogeyman that didn't make me cry or tear out my hair. The first curved piece was sewn on in about 90 seconds, and the next two were a breeze, haha. "Much ado about nothing..." One of these days I'll post a photo, but since it's going into a quilt show I'll wait until it makes its debut there. Now that curves are just another way to piece, I have some ideas for other pieces.

On Saturday I'll be teaching "String Quilt Blocks" at the Dragonfly Quilt Shop in Watkinsville, GA. Working on the samples has given me more ideas for water-themed quilts too. Above is a picture of some equilateral triangles made with string piecing. Using equilateral triangles this way is a great way to make contemporary landscape quilts. So many little time.
I'll write again soon...

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