Friday, June 13, 2008


This is my first blog on this site and I'm excited about it.

Today I'm getting ready to go to the quilt shop for more printable fabric sheets for a project that's due within two weeks. I'm new at using Print Shop Pro Photo 2X to alter photos and print them, but the program is amazing. Several times this week I've been able to print poster-size photos for a quilt that will be entered into the Asheville Quilt Show this summer. The "poster" prints in sections and then I can sew them together. Carol Breyer Fallert's book "Quilt Savy: Fallert's Guide to Images on Fabric" shows an easy way to piece the poster sections together so that the finished product looks seamless.

The theme for the Asheville Quilt Show (Aug. 1-3, 2008) is "Piece for Peace". We put on a wonderful show. Y'all come! Or in my native New England tongue, "Come see you guys!" There's a link to the AQG on my website at for more information. My quilt is based on a photo my son Bryan sent from Afghanistan where he's standing guard on a mountain top.

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