Saturday, June 21, 2008

String Quilt Blocks class today

Today's the day of our String Quilt Blocks class at the Dragonfly Quilt Shop! It's been a lot of fun putting together this class and its samples, as doing so has given me more contemporary quilt ideas. String piecing is amazingly versatile...I see ways to apply it in may of the quilts I'd like to make. The photo is of one of my string Quilts of Valor made earlier this year. It's with a soldier now. is the address for the Quilts of Valor Foundation if you're interested in obtaining more information.

The Afghanistan quilt is moving along (see last week's blogs). All of my base pieces are in place and, after today's class, I'll start embellishing to add more detail. I tried using string piecing in this quilt, but the pieces were too small and dense and would have been difficult to handle in the small area they were planned for. Some of the embellishments I'll use are hand-printed fused pieces, textile paint, Paintstik accents and more.

Time to get ready for the day. WTYL

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