Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today was "Transfers" day for our Quilting Arts Alliance group. We tried several different transfer methods for applying text or imagery to fabric and other objects.

Mary Ann showed us how to use a transparency sheet to trace a photo and then apply that tracing to fabric.

Do you like my light box? It's a plastic box with a square acrylic ruler on top and a small, battery-operated light inside.

Frances taught us how she uses Golden Threads Quilting Paper to transfer her quilting design to a quilt by drawing her design on the paper, pinning it to a section of the quilt, and then stitching over the lines.

We also tried a transfer pen by drawing a shape on paper and then pressing the image to fabric.

Lyric Kinard's method of using CitriSolve on a photocopy to transfer the image worked great.

The photocopy is on the right, and the transfer is on the left.

We also worked with some gel medium to transfer magazine images to fabric. If mine turns out well I'll show it later.

Last, but not least, we played with TAP, Transfer Artist Paper, on which we printed an image and then applied it to fabric. This little Van Gogh image looks great on fabric. I may use it to make a pocket.

Fun afternoon!

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