Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and Ice Day

No toe surgery for me today, I'm afraid. That's okay, because if the electricity will just hang in there this will be a perfect day for working in the studio!

We woke up to this...

That's the ash can for the fire place under the table. We have 6-1/2" and it's being covered by freezing rain. We've got plenty of wood for the fire and hot water and coffee in the thermoses, plus a big pot of chicken soup.

I'm hoping to be able to finish off some of these over the next few days as the whole city will be closed (no plows, no sand trucks)...

It will be a lovely day...except for this guy saying over and over again "You said there would be no snow in Georgia!!!" Hummm. I don't know how this happened.

The big ski racer has turned into a snow grump in his golden years (but he's still a sweetie).

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