Monday, August 23, 2010

...Have You Any Wool?

This weekend I hand dyed some wool roving which will be used to make my handmade wool pincushions for our next vendor booth.

Roving is un-spun wool which comes in natural colored rolled balls; each of these balls is about the size of a small child's head...

The brown roving will remain that color and I'll use the cream roving for dyeing.

For my first try, I used a little to much dye in the bath so I had to rinse it a little more, but it turned out well. Of course, the magenta looks more fire engine red because of the dye concentration, but it's lovely. Here 's that batch drying over the deep sink...

The dye came from a "6 Dye Sampler" kit from ProChemical & Dye. I'll order more of the colors I really like, but today I'll mix the Sun Yellow and Forest Green to see if I can get a light bright green. More coming soon.

Until then, if you're looking for tutorials on dyeing wool, do a search on .