Friday, August 13, 2010

Fabric Over-dyeing

I have been over-dyeing some fabrics this week. They are fabrics that I have previously dyed that were not my favorite and have not sold in our booths. On some of the them the color was too flat, some had unflattering color combinations and still others had tones that were not desirable.

My solution? Throw them into another dye bath...but first some of the pieces are given rubber band resists so that the old color will show through.

I love the depth of color in these.

I'm also about to start dyeing wool roving for my handmade pincushions. I purchased the roving from the wonderful Webs in Northampton, Mass. This morning I went out to find a big crock pot. Who knew they now had 7 quart crock pots? The one on the left is our big kitchen crock pot, and the one on the right is the new one for dyeing wool (no food will ever touch it). It's huge and perfect for my plan!

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