Friday, August 27, 2010

Another pot of dye and a bit of practical science

Green was the color of the day for the next batch of wool. Here's the crock pot full of dyed wool which is ready to cool.


If you haven't figured this out yet, it's convenient to use your granite counter top for cooling hot items. It can also help to defrost a regular piece of meat in a couple of hours. How?

It's a law of physics: two items that are in contact with each other will try to equal each other's temperature; the one with the most mass wins. That hunk of granite has a lot more mass than a piece of frozen meat, so it will defrost the meat (move the frozen item around to a warmer spot now & then).

The granite also has much more mass than my cooling crock pot of warm dye and wool, so it will cool down the pot quickly too. This is also why a cup of coffee or tea will cool very quickly when placed on the counter, so we have coasters for our cups.

Cool science!

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