Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally, Houston Day 6

Day 6 of Houston was our last, but it was filled with classes and trips to the quilt show floor. The first stop was a lecture by Lyric Kinard on the Elements of Art. Sadly I had to leave before it was over to get to the next event which was the Friday Sampler.

This year's Friday Sampler consisted of 34 teachers in a double-ballroom. For those of you who have never attended one of the samplers, here's a list of the teachers: Esterita Austin, Maggie Backman, elinor peace bailey, Linda Ballard, Anelie Belden, Karen Kay Buckley, Melinda Bula, Linda Carlson, Darlene C. Christopherson, June Colburn, Melody Crust, Colleen Davis, Marilyn Doheney, Lynda MH Faires, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, Marlene Glickman, Daphne Greig, Renae Haddadin, Nancy Hinds, Faye Labanaris, Peggy Martin, Dixie McBride, Stacy Michell, Margaret, J. Miller, Susie Monday, Gina Perkes, Linda M. Poole, Nancy Prince, Noriko Schmidtman, Mary Sorensen, Janet Stauffacher, Valerie Vavrik, Kristal Wick and Sheri Wood. That's quite a lineup, yes? Here are some photos of the setup and teachers...

The samplers are 2 hours long and participants can visit any teacher's area in those two hours. As I have said before, best bargain of the Festival at $30!

After lunch I had a wonderful class with Colleen Davis entitled Artsy Knitting Bohemian Style. Unfortunately, my knitting skills were not up to par, but I very much enjoyed the class.

Next favorite quilts of those I saw in the show.

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