Sunday, August 9, 2009


This week we enjoyed a lovely trip through the Great Smokey Mountains as we traveled from Cherokee, NC to Gatlinburg, TN and then down I-40 to Asheville, NC. Cherokee is a fine, peaceful town on the Cherokee Reservation with a beautiful, shallow river running through downtown where fishermen take up the early morning hours, and children play during the day.

The smoke-like mists of early morning in the mountains were gone by the time we got to a higher altitude, but the views were lovely...

I could enjoy some of the walking sites on my scooter. This scooter causes a stir everywhere we want one, and folks who have been in a cast before love the idea of it. It's a lot better than crutches (available at medical supply stores).

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Julie Bagamary said...

Glad you are getting around well. I missed you are the Show.