Monday, August 10, 2009

Same Trip, New Town

On Friday afternoon we arrived in Asheville, NC for the annual Asheville Quilt Show at the Arboretum and now also with a Rotary Club sponsored venue at the nearby mall.

This was one of my favorite quilts (above) because at the center of each rectangular block was a hand-made fabric bead. Deborah A. Morgan made this quilt and I believe she also has similar pieces hanging in a lovely gallery in Waynesville, NC.

Ruth Powers made this lovely quilt entitled Lazy Afternoon in which the horses hugging each other. You know there was stiff competition because this quilt did not win a ribbon.

Dee Werner and...
...Sharon Smaldone made these quilts for the AQG silent auction following the string quilt workshop I taught for the AQG in June. How exciting! I love the border applications Dee used to spice up her piece, and Sharon used a metallic thread with a hint of red for some zing!

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