Sunday, August 16, 2009

From the Mountains to the Sea

It was a whirlwind week as we traveled through the Great Smokey Mountains to Asheville, NC and home to Athens for one day before visiting friends in the Pensacola, FL area. We lived in lovely Navarre, FL for almost seven years and it's a treat to go back. Here's why...

Wonderful friends like the Killer Bees of Pensacola : (top left) Agnes, Ann, Jolene, Joyce, Eileen, Joyce, Anita (that's me), (bottom left) Barbara, Pat, Wynnell, Mary Elma and Dorothy.

Beautiful views: Perdido Key near the FloraBama line

Terrific show-n-tell by the Killer Bees
Wynnell's piecing with Pat's red string blocks

Dorothy's Louisiana bee's blocks

Dorothy's lovely rail fence with a star point.

And the Santa Rosa (County) Quilters Guild show-n-tell
This quilt was adorable and was made with a wedge template. (I took 4 photos of this lady and her work trying to catch her name tag and I had no such luck)

These last two were my contributions to show-n-tell. These are variations on string quilts.

I have truly been blessed by participating in these two groups. I miss you all!

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