Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring in New England

We have been in Massachusetts, my home state, for about eleven days visiting family (son, sister and S-i-L, nephew) and friends, going to a Red Sox game, taking "Sunday" drives nearly every day and enjoying Spring in New England. It was beautiful! Here's a quick recap...

Love the rock walls that are all over the northeastern U.S. This one was in Williamsburg, MA.

Also in Williamsburg, the General Store. Every inch of this old fashioned store is covered with lovely and yummy things: ice cream, maple sugar candy, baked goods, fresh spices, unique kitchen tools, handmade soaps, jewelery, local pottery, post cards, penny candy, gifts of all types.

Just up the street is the Williamsburg Blacksmith shop.

We can't go to Mass. without a trip to the Red Sox. There's nothing like the aroma of Yawkey Way...sausage, peppers and onions, roasted peanuts, hot dogs, and spring air.

The Sox won Thursday on a perfect baseball day. Here's the famous Citgo sign on Kenmore Square in Boston. If I have the story right, Ted Williams called it the "C it go" sign because when he hit a ball from home plate, and it was high enough to pass in front of the sign (from his point of view), it would be a home run.

We always arrive early to the game to absorb the atmosphere. Fenway park opened the same week that the Titanic sank in 1912, so its 100th anniversary is fast approaching. Bill is wearing his gardener's tan already.

We were lucky enough to be in town for a photo shoot prior to our nephew A.J.'s senior prom. That's my sister Cecile (Cil).

It was a great week. Next up...I'll give you a sneak peek of the blocks I made on vacation and some fabric finds.

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Frances Arnold said...

Welcome Home!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.