Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing Around

Not all of my experiments work out well (it's usually 10 duds per good idea), but I made two items while playing with fabric and dye this week that turned out well.

From a new Shibori folding method I developed came this lovely piece. It would make a wonderful scalloped-look border. I'll have to try this one in different color combinations.

This piece came from playing with fabric strings. I sewed two blocks with strings on the diagonal (strings = tapered fabric pieces), cut them randomly, and then sewed them back together. It might look better in a hand-dyed color scheme, but it's a fun piece. The next time I'd like to try sewing the strings horizontally and then cutting up the blocks. The fractured look is so appealing.

P.S. Foot surgery is on for late June, but I'll be only 12 weeks in a cast compared to the last one at 25 weeks in a cast. What a relief!


Sarah said...

I'm loving your dyed yellows and blues... I'm getting ready to start a piece that is going to be made up of creams, browns, yellows, and blues, would you be up to selling me some hand dyed fabrics for it?

Anita said...

Yes, absolutely, Sarah. You can find my phone number in the Guild directory. Tonight or Thursday is best. After that, I'll be out of town for a little while teaching.

Sarah said...

AH... I was thinking maybe when I have the complete drawing finished and know more how the pieces are coming together if that is ok with you. Maybe you won't sell it all before I see it... I will be in touch for sure, though. Hope your classes are fun and that where you are going is a nice place to visit.

Be well.

Anita said...

That's fine, Sarah. I'll be a vendor at the East Cobb Q.G. show later this year, so I'll be dyeing a lot more fabric.

Robbie Payne said...

So will you share your secret as to how you got this lovely shibori pattern? I know you 'never know' what you'll get...but........thaks ever so much!

Anita said...

Sorry, but for right now I'd like to keep this technique a secret in case I can gather enough original dyeing ideas to write a book. Thank you for the lovely compliment!