Thursday, May 7, 2009

Current Events

We were in lovely western North Carolina this week where I attended the Fiber Arts Alliance meeting on Tuesday. We did some country road driving so that I could take photos for fiber art pieces I am planning. There's nothing like the mountains in the Spring.

I'm working on small projects this week for String Quilt samples for my lecture and class. Hand dyed scraps will come in handy for today's work...

I also have to do a lot of "sitting" or at least non-standing for a while. About 7 years ago I had a total reconstruction of my left foot due to rheumatoid arthritis, and now my right foot has blown a flat. The last surgery had a 1-year recovery time: no closed toe shoes for a year, hard cast and pins sticking out of my toes for 6 weeks, walking cast for 6 months, then months of learning to walk with crutches, cane and then alone. Marathon recovery.

Hopefully after 7 years some things have changed in the world of surgery, but there's probably no chance that this surgery will ever be done with a scope. At the end of it all, I got a "pretty" foot that worked like it hadn't worked in 28 years. It was well worth all the trouble. I'm trying to remember that as I limp around this week.

Love your feet today.

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