Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Birthday was earlier this week and this was a Birthday gift from my son Bryan... the badges that he wore on his uniform in Afghanistan. The ISAF tag identifies him as a member of the International Security Assistance Force from NATO in Afghanistan. His airborne badge represents the unit to which he belongs. The flag...hum, can't remember why, but it is backwards on purpose. Box is his last name. Their helmets also have a tag that gives their name and blood type. These are all things that, as a Mom, I would have hoped to never know.

On a lighter note, if your sewing studio is looking a little rough today, here's what part of mine looked like a few days ago. Yipes! It looks worse in pictures. The large wall quilt and the miniature to its left are now in the hands of the Georgia Quilt Show, which runs from Oct. 16-18 in Duluth (just east of Atlanta) at the Gwinnett Center.

Have a good week!

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