Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fabric Dyeing Day, Re-use and Re-purpose for Fall

My recycling idea...this week I had a fabric dyeing day (before a day-and-a-half of flu). I decided to dye some of the natural fiber clothes I have to prepare them for fall and winter. Several of the tops turned out very well, and some will need to be over-dyed because they didn't take the dye well.
I like the way these two turned out...

They both had been white cotton which had faded to not-quite-white. The original color was off, but the fabric was in very good shape...perfect for dyeing for a new season.

One problem with dyeing white cotton garments is that sometimes the white top-stitching is not done well and it's stitched with a polyester thread which will not dye. In that case, stitching over it with a matching rayon or cotton design works fine. That's happened a couple of times for me before, but the blue top below actually had some nice top stitching and looks fine dyed. I like the mottled look, but if I want a solid look to my color I manipulate the piece more in the dye to give an even tone.

Here's another wardrobe boosting idea...some of my favorite black cotton tops for winter fade fairly quickly, but return to a deep, beautiful black with dyeing.


Julie Bagamary said...

These garments look nice. I've redyed black garments and also navy ones too. :)

Carol Sloan said...

what a great idea Anita! I have a couple of white shirts that I love but they are rather I know what to do with them! Thanks