Thursday, August 28, 2008

Studio activity

As I said earlier, it's been busy around here. One can always peek into my studio to verify that fact.

It doesn't look so bad in the photos, but fabric and tools cover every inch of flat space in my studio today, haha. I'm working on items to sell at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation Holiday Market,, so hopefully they'll accept my booth request. This quilt top, which still needs a border, is one of two I've made in the last two days. This one was finished between 2:00 and 4:00am when I couldn't sleep. It will be a good size for a child's nap quilt. It's colorful and bright with lots of children's prints. Geeze, I just realized that I put two of the same prints next to each other...I'll have to un-sew the two left rows. This is the perfect example of why I photograph my quilt art as I work on it...the photo sees what the eye misses.

Can you tell how we created my studio in our home? We connected two bedrooms by blowing through a large closet to make a doorway. The front room with the big windows is where I sew and press, and the other bedroom holds most of my fabric, work table, supplies. I also have a whole corner in the garage for dyeing fabric and other messy projects. This closet now has deep shelves on one side and a place to hang clothes or quilts on the other side. It's a great setup, and now I get all of that wonderful sunlight from the big windows in both rooms. When company arrives, we put the closet door back on, I move everything to the other room, and we pull down the Murphy Bed for the guest. We also have Bryan's bedroom and bath upstaire for guests when he's not home.

The baskets on top of the murphy bed hold lots of strings (fabric strips) that I'll use in quilts and wall hangings. This is a new side-drop Muphy Bed which takes much less room than the type that folds down from the foot of the bed. We had a huge wall unit Murphy system in our last house with desk and cabinetry, but this one is perfect for this room.

I'm off to work. Have a good day.



Carol Sloan said...

I love the bed! I was just telling my husband that we need one for a spare bedroom. I'll have to find out where you got it...

Carol Sloan said...

I tried to email you at your web site address but my email keeps coming back to me...can you email me at and I'll have a deliverable address then...maybe.